Welcome to BladeSports International, Inc™.

BladeSports International Inc.™ is a Texas non-profit corporation formed to promote knife safety, provide workshops and cutting events for its members, and to inform and educate the public with regard to the safe use of a knife as a tool.

Always use extreme caution when handling knives and never attempt competitive cutting practice without proper training and supervision.

Contact BladeSports for more information about this exciting sport.

Latest News

~ Donavon Phillips 2016 National Champion ~

Congrats to Donavon Phillips sponsored by Spyderco for winning the
2016 BladeSports National Cutting Competition.


~ Jessi Elias 2016 Women’s National Champion ~

Congrats to Jessi Elias, our first Women’s National Champion, for winning the
2016 BladeSports National Cutting Competition.


~ Dan Keffeler 2015 World Champion ~

Congrats to Dan Keffeler sponsored by Peters’ Heat Treating Inc for winning the
2015 BladeSports World Cutting Competition at the The Blade Show! He put on an amazing show keeping his title for 3 consecutive years!



Congratulations to Donavon Phillips, sponsored by Spyderco for breaking a new record of 28 water bottles during the BladeSports National  World Cutting Competition Dallas, TX!