Event Points Champions

These individuals scored the highest number of points in their division. An individual can only receive one challenge coin per season. If a coin holder scores the highest points at other events in the  same season then a coin is not awarded at that event. That makes this an elite club of competitors. 

’23-’24 season

Jantz Battle of the Blades (March)

Ben Propst

Sara Maly

Gallatin Cut (February)

Ben Levder


Conroe Cut (November)

Hunter Eubanks

Kenda Speaks

Tarheel Cut (October)


Lindsay Zehrung

Grudge Match (September)

Jeff Hedges

Kenda Speaks

Keystone Cut (August)



’19-’20 season

Lost Pine

David Moore

Shanna Kemp / Terri Lynn – Tied

’18-’19 season

Warren School (June)

Christopher Berry

Chandee Smith

Peters’ Comp (August)

Christopher Warden

Jantz (September)

Gary Bond

Krystal McMillion

Iron Mountain Metal Craft Comp (September)

Terri Lynn

Mississippi School and Comp (November)

Donavon Phillips

SMKW Comp (March)

James Clifton

BSI Worlds (June)

Robyn Berry