Safety Rules

Standard Event/Safety Rules

    • All competitors must sign a Release of Liability prior to each event.
    • All competitors must abide by all instructions given by BladeSports event officials.
    • Cutters must be at least 18 years old.
    • All competitors must have a valid cutter certification.
    • All competitors must attend a safety meeting prior to each event.
    • Only knives that have a sturdy sheath will be allowed in event area. Zipper cases will not be allowed.
    • No slick soled footwear will be allowed in event area.
    • Eye protection must be worn at all times while in event area.
    • Alcohol, performance enhancing drugs or illegal substances will not be tolerated at any BladeSports event, workshop, training session or demonstration.
    • All knives must be placed and remain in an area designated by event officials at the time of an event.
    • Only one (1) knife will be unsheathed at a time unless directed by event officials.
    • Event officials will inspect all knives prior to the start of each competition for adherence to BladeSports knife specifications. Officials will also inspect knives for any noticeable damage during events.
    • Penalties will be administered for any safety, rules or procedure infraction. Penalties will range from a warning, up to and including loss of Cutter Certification.
    • Infractions posing a threat to spectators, officials, other Cutters or the Cutter him/herself will result in immediate disqualification. Disqualified Cutters will receive 0 (zero) points for the Event.
Infractions determined to be minor will result in a five (5) point deduction from the Cutter’s score or a five (5) second addition to the Cutter’s time, depending on the type of event.